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PPXX Online Guidance 

Welcome to PPXX Online which is powered by Teachable, an online platform where all conference materials are contained.  With your Teachable account, you will be able to login and view the conference materials for 30-days from the launch date. The Teachable platform was designed for educational content.  As such, the terms school, course, lectures are used. These terms are analogous to PPXX Online as follows: 
  • school = conference; course = PPXX session; lectures = PPXX presentation.

If you registered for PPXX Amsterdam (in-person conference), you will receive a confirmation email from the system that officially enrolls you in PPXX Online.  
If you have not yet registered for PPXX Online, you are welcomed to via: Registration for PPXX Online is EUR 99 + VAT if applicable.
NOTE:  Do NOT enter any payment information into Teachable as this is not required.

  • After purchasing PPXX Online, you will receive an email confirmation that includes a link. Click on the link to go to PPXX Online.  Alternatively, type the PPXX Online URL into the address bar of your web browser, if it is known to you.
NOTE:  If you experience issues logging in or accessing the PPXX Online content, reach out to Peter Balassa, Evacon Ltd. (Management Service Company):

  • After logging in, go to “My PPXX Sessions” (top right of screen).
  • In the course sidebar on the left, you can view the following information:
    • Course Progress - This progress bar displays the percentage of the course that you have completed.
    • Course Curriculum - These displays all of the sections and lectures in the course.
    • Your Instructor - This provides descriptions/bios of the individual(s) teaching the course.
NOTE: Teachable uses two scroll down bars (right hand side of the screen). One scrolls through the content (e.g., the sessions).The other scrolls (also on right side of the screen) through page overall (e.g., scroll to see the labels in the sidebar (left side of screen)).

  • There are several ways to navigate through a session. 
    • Click on the “Start” button next to any presenter name, paper or presentation.
    • Click on “Start Next Lecture” button (top of the sessions). This will take you to the next uncompleted presentation in the course.
    • Click on any of the items shown in the left-hand side of the screen.
  • When on a page, it is best to scroll down to ensure that content is not missed. 

VIEW VIDEOS (The basics)

The Teachable system will start a video or PowerPoint recorded presentation after you click on it. Remember to:

  • Unmute your system to hear the audio.
  • Hover cursor over the presentation to see the scrub bar which allows you to fast forward or rewind.  Also, the gear icon allows you to adjust the presentation speed or quality.

NOTE: It is not possible to download the videos or PowerPoint recorded presentations. However, you can leave a comment: Scroll to the bottom of the page, under the presentation, to enter the comment.

  • Know, your comments might be seen by others until forwarded to the speaker.  As such, do not enter confidential information.
  • Please keep in mind anti-trust and privacy laws when leaving comments.

VIEW PAPER (The basics)

The Teachable system uses a PDF format for all papers. When viewing the papers:

  • Uses your mouse scroll button or keyboard arrows to browse the paper.
  • Hover cursor over the presentation to see the scrub bar which allows you to fast forward or rewind. Also, the gear icon allows you to adjust the presentation speed or quality.
  • To download, click on the three vertical dots in the top right of the PDF viewer. Scroll down to the bottom of the list for the “folder open” icon.  Then click to download the PDF.

NOTE: To leave a comment, see the NOTE under “VIEW VIDEOS (The basics)” of this document.

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