The Organizing Committee is open to new ideas and innovations in plastic piping, so please submit your title and abstract even if the subject matter is not covered on the list. Abstracts not accepted for oral presentation during the main program, may be considered for the poster gallery. If you only wish to be considered for the poster gallery, please request when submitting your abstract online. All approved abstracts will be published on the website and in the conference abstract book onsite. Full presentations will be published on the flash drive and distributed to all attendees.

Abstract (Authors):

Authors are advised to register for PPXX Amsterdam when their Abstract is accepted. Once registration is completed and payment is received, the participant will receive a confirmation email. Please contact the conference organizer to have question addressed.

Guidelines for submitting an abstract:


  • Please submit your abstracts via Abstracts submitted via e-mail, post, or other methods will generally not be accepted.

  • The conference language is English.
  • Abstract submission is English.
  • Abstract changes and corrections will be accepted until the deadline of 2019 November 15th.
  • Ensure the citable publication of the abstracts.
  • Uploading the CV of the presenter is mandatory at the time of the submission.
  • For presenting authors of accepted abstracts, registration and participation in this conference is required.

Notifications (E-mails):

  • Please note that only the submitting author receives all abstract notifications.
  • The submitting author takes responsibility for informing all co-authors about successful submission, acceptance or rejection, required revisions and forwards the received instructions for the presentation of the abstract to the presenting author.

    Abstract contents and format:

    • Ensure to uphold the PPCA Principle of Comparison.
      • Plastic Pipes Conference Association – guidance on material comparisons. This applies to abstracts, papers and presentations.  PPCA would like to remind all of the guidance regarding the issue of comparisons. The PPCA BOD confirms that direct comparisons  being made between the performance of different primary plastic materials used for the same product application is not allowed. The fundamental principle has always been to promote all plastic pipe materials during the Plastic Pipes Conference. However, this does not apply to comparisons between different variants of the same material (e.g. PVC and PVC-O or PP and PP-MD) or of course comparisons with other “non-plastic” alternative materials.
    • Do not use the title or the name(s) of the author(s) in the body of the abstract.
    • Please formulate clearly and concisely the questions, the methods used, the results and the conclusion of each abstract.
    • Abstract titles should be concise and direct.

    • Individual product names are not allowed in the abstract.
    • Maximum length of max. 2800 characters (including spaces).
    • Abstracts may include up to 10 references. Each reference inserted into the abstract body counts for 30 characters.
    • Please minimize formatting. We cannot guarantee that abstracts with elaborate formats will upload correctly to the system.
    • Avoid using non-standard abbreviations.

    • After an abstract has been submitted, modifications can be made until the submission deadline.


    • Help for abstract submission is provided onscreen in each section of our site by opening the “?”.
    • A user manual is available for download (a pdf file) under “Help” in the main menu.

    Thank you. We wish you success in submitting your abstracts!

    Click here to download the Abstract Submission Instructions

    The following documents are necessary for different type of presenters:

    Presentation Acceptance Form 

    Manuscript Template 

    Power Point Presentation Template

    Instructions for Full Paper and Oral Presentation Preparation:

    Click here to download Author Guidelines for Full Paper and Oral Presentation Preparation

    Instructions for Poster and Poster Preparation:

    Click here to download Instructions for Poster and Poster Preparation  

    Poster will be displayed in portrait modes with the following sizes: 95(w) x 147(h) cm.

    In case of any question please contact:

    Conference organizer: 

    Eva Ori – Evacon Ltd.

    H-1136. Budapest, Tátra Str.34.

    Telephone: +36-30-9514-480


    PPXX Conference Chair:

    Zoran Davidovski – Pipelife International Gmbh

    A-1100 Wienerberger Str 11, Wien

    Telephone: +43-664-524-8561


    PPXX Conference Co-Chair/ Technical Program Chair:

    Sarah Patterson – Plastics Pipe Institute

    105 Decker Court, Suite 825

    Irving, Texas 75062

    Telephone: +1-469-499-1051